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At VWS, we attach great importance to our service. Technical support and customer advice even in difficult situations are one of our particular strengths. The quick processing of orders by our office staff, secure packaging and fast dispatch complete the picture. But even if something goes wrong, we are there to solve the problem.


Our field staff receive ongoing training and are therefore always up to date with the latest technical developments. Together with you, they will look for the best solutions to all issues concerning our range of products. The development of new products is also a matter of course for us, as construction is also continuously evolving and therefore also has new requirements. Simply contact us if you have any questions.

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We always have over 650 different items permanently in stock and are continuously adapting this mix of items to the needs of our customers. All orders that we receive by 10:00 for items that are in stock will leave our warehouse on the same day. For this purpose, we work together with various renowned shipping companies to bring the goods to you quickly and safely.

Notes on profile selection

To help you apply the right combination of render profiles and render mortar, we have compiled a clear table for you:

Profile selection table

Further important notes


Sendzimir galvanised or electrolytically galvanised slit strips or steel sheets, with zinc coating on both sides. Bare aluminium strips or with acrylic or polyester lacquer coating. Aluzinc and clad aluminium strips. Plastics, especially rigid and flexible PVC, are impact resistant.


Roll forming on profiling machines (while protecting the material surfaces). Edging, milling and punching. Extrusion and co-extrusion. Special lengths and deviating dimensions available on request.


We guarantee, within the framework of our general terms and conditions, the perfect quality as well as the careful production of our profiles. As the composition or the chemical and physical properties of the renders used are beyond our control, the resistance of our profiles to corrosion cannot be guaranteed. If new types of insulation and render materials are used, their compatibility with the profile materials must be ensured. Changing conditions in the processing of renders require coordination with the respective building project, which is the responsibility of the purchaser and processor.

The warranty for render profiles is based on the warranty regulations customary in the industry, otherwise the statutory regulations apply. The time limit begins with the proof of delivery. By carrying out your own tests, you will achieve the best possible safety against possible errors, for which we cannot accept any liability. Storage and processing guidelines must always be observed and followed.

Quality management

VWS Befestigungstechnik GmbH and its subsidiary have been certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 since 17 July 1996.

Packaging, delivery and shipment

VWS is a contractual partner with Vfw, contract number D-42000-2006-0325. Multiple foil, paper and wire bundling and / or cardboard packaging of the VWS profiles. Marking of the packaging by indicating the type, profile number, delivery length, bars per bundle and possibly colour, as well as the production location and production date. It is essential to observe the instructions on the packaging. When EAN scanners are used to put the goods into storage, they are provided with the special EAN numbers and the corresponding barcode from the company VWS. All deliveries are ex works, unless otherwise agreed. Deliveries are only made in full packaging units. Shipment on Euro pallets or long goods pallets by contracted forwarders or collection.

General terms and conditions

All our deliveries and services are based on our general terms and conditions. Furthermore, they are subject to the patent and utility model law restrictions of the respective country of our trade and industry partners. All deliveries shall be made at our prices valid on the day of delivery plus the statutory value added tax, unless expressly agreed otherwise. The payment of invoices shall be governed by our terms of payment in force at the time or agreed on a case-by-case basis.


Field service, application technology, hand samples, worksheets, test certificates, internet and catalogues as well as trade fairs domestically and abroad.

Important processing instructions

VWS profiles should generally be stored in a cool and dry place. We recommend storing and transporting the profiles horizontally, with an even support. Profile selection depending on the area of application (indoors or outdoors), intended render thickness and practical rod length. Consider divisibility in short lengths for windows, avoid profile joints. The longest possible rod lengths are recommended for edges and plinths in outdoor areas. It is advisable to cut the VWS profiles with hand shears, but never with an abrasive cutter, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the galvanisation and causing corrosion damage to the profiles. Once fixed, VWS profiles allow continuous application of the render and removal of clean surfaces over exact edges. This eliminates the need to attach slats. VWS profiles near the ground are particularly at risk from splash water and permanent moisture and must therefore be protected in advance using a suitable paint.


Check the compatibility between render mortar and product material. The system structure and the processing guidelines of the system suppliers must be observed.

When developing new renders, the compatibility of the different materials (render, profiles and render base) must be ensured. For all galvanised steel profiles, we refer to the leaflet for the planning and application of render profiles outdoors and indoors of the trade association of profile manufacturers Europrofiles. Download at www.vws.de/downloads

Special product notes

The customer undertakes to carefully check VWS profiles for compatibility with their materials and the respective area of application and to observe the system structure and the processing guidelines of the system suppliers.

  • Subject to change without notice.
  • Illustrations and dimensions may differ from the original.
  • We reserve the right to make changes in terms of shape and colour.
  • All installation suggestions are non-binding.
  • We do not accept any general liability based on the installation suggestions and processing instructions in the current VWS catalogue.

Under each product detail page, technical leaflet button and under Technical information you will find the respective valid Technical Data Sheets for our product range. The revision level is decisive for use of the products at the time of assembly.

This document may only be reprinted or reproduced, including excerpts, with the written permission of VWS Befestigungstechnik GmbH. Previous catalogues hereby lose their validity.

We also develop special solutions. Please feel free to get in touch with us.

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