Connection and end profiles

Here you will find our profiles for the perfect transition to other materials or for separation between different components.

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Movement joint profiles

To prevent cracks on the façade, movement joint profiles are enormously important, whether horizontally, vertically, in the corner or on the surface.

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Insulation board plug

Insulation board plugs are often prescribed to improve the fastening of the insulation boards. Please note the important information on the substrate and insulation thickness here.

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Corner profiles

Our corner profiles are as diverse as the design for construction. Whether isosceles or not, round arch or flexible, we have the appropriate solution for all situations.

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Fabric and reinforcement profiles

Our fascia profiles also play a major role in the design of the surface. Here you will find them incl. extensive accessories such as corners, T-pieces, etc.

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Plinth profiles

The bottom finish of the thermal insulation is very important. Here we offer you the matching profiles in aluminium or our flexible PVC system.

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Drip edge profiles

These profiles are available in a wide range of variants. Visible or invisible, as a finish or also for round arches, we have everything here.

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