Corner profiles

Corner profiles protect edges from mechanical damage, but with our profiles you can do much more, such as round arches in all possible designs.

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Connection and end profiles

These profiles can be used to create clean connections and finishes in drywall construction. No matter whether in steel, aluminium or PVC. There is the right profile for every situation.

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Joint cover strips

Reinforcing the trowel joints is also important in drywall construction to prevent cracks. Not only in the corners but also on the surface.

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Round arch profiles

Where metal profiles reach their limits, our PVC round arch profiles are far from the end of the line. Anyone who wants high-quality drywall construction should take a look here.

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Edging profiles

Edging profiles protect the plasterboard edges reliably and for a long time. Whether in PVC or metal, but also with flexible connection, everyone will find what they are looking for here.

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