Why do cracks appear in joints and corners in the first place? Find out all about it in our new drywall construction brochure and find perfect solutions to stop such cracks with VWS profiles.

We are excited to introduce our latest product – the PURE Fabric Corner, which not only impresses with its quality but also makes a significant contribution to sustainability.

We are very pleased to present you the VWS catalogue in a new design. Clearly sorted into categories, you will find all our products here. In addition to numerous profiles and special solutions for drywall construction, our range also includes ...

The new VWS 646900 combi profile: The all-rounder among the reveal profiles: With two removal edges, it can be used for 6 mm and 9 mm render thickness at the same time...

A company gains profile

VWS is an owner-managed medium-sized company that has stood for the highest level of quality and expertise since 1981. We have made it our business to create innovative solutions for bordering edges, connections and finishes on various components and for the absorption of movement on facade surfaces.

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Profiles made of PVC – a real alternative

Our PVC profiles are stable and do not bend as easily as aluminium profiles. Even if the rails fall over on the construction site or in the warehouse, they can usually be processed further without any problems. Unlike metallic profiles, PVC profiles are also free from the risk of corrosion. They are resistant to chlorine, salt water and also moisture.

Another advantage: Due to the conical shape of the profile legs, you do not need more filler than with aluminium profiles. This is what tests with various drywall construction professionals have shown.

In addition, due to the low weight and the corresponding material properties, our PVC profiles can be processed very well and easily. They are easy to shorten and can be painted over if the wall ever fails to turn white.

When aluminium profiles reach their limits, PVC is still far from the end of the line. With our round arch and round arch end profiles, even round arches in drywall construction are no problem.

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